Winning Lottery Strategy: How They Guaranteed £1.7 MILLION Jackpot…

If you’re looking for a winning lottery strategy this story will blow you mind. Watch as we explain how a £1.7M lottery jackpot was a guaranteed win for Stefan Klincewicz and his friends. A display of strategic maths, nerve and patience. It was a lottery strategy that ensured they would win…

0:38 Chance of winning the Irish lottery
1:01 How they planned their winning lottery strategy
1:58 What happened with their plan
2:10 When the fixed lottery result would happen
2:51 How the national lottery responded
3:21 How they got so many lottery combinations placed
3:48 The jackpot scoop controversy
4:19 How this win affected the lottery game
4:36 Chance of winning the Irish lottery in 2021

This video is for informational purposes only. Always do your own due diligence and remember to act responsibly when playing the lottery.

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This video is about winning lottery strategy and how there have been guaranteed lottery winners before.


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