Trading psychology secrets | How to re-write your brain to be a profitable trader

In a previous video, I said that thinking was an edge.

The psychology of trading is a really interesting topic and something I’ve spent the best part of ten years exploring in depth.

I started doing this when I realised that I could present people an opportunity on a plate, yet they wouldn’t take it. I also spotted that people often got themselves into a right mess in situations that never should have happened.

When I first started trading financial markets, I too was a complete mess and a completely hopeless short term trader. But with a lot of work and effort, I managed to completely change the way I think and become a really good risk taker.

When I traded financial markets I made a right mess of things, but when I returned years later to Betfair trading and sports betting markets, I already knew where I had gone wrong and carefully rebuilt my attitude to many things and in particular to the subject of risk taking.

In order to do this I had to learn a lot about psychology and the psychology of trading. It’s a key topic that many people completely miss.

So I would like to share some key thoughts on the Psychology of trading from roughly 30 years of experience.


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