Sorare Review: A Financially Risky Proposition? | NFT Fantasy Football Game

As requested, here are my thoughts on Sorare the collectable fantasy football trading game that can be played on the Ethereum blockchain. The review includes all questions that were asked of Sorare earlier this week. Check it out or see the relevant times below…


2:27 What is Sorare?
2:48 How does Sorare work?
3:26 Can Sorare game prizes change?
5:01 Is Sorare like Football Index?
6:39 Will Sorare add new scarcity levels and cards?
8:28 Is Sorare gambling?
10:45 My motivation for this Sorare review.
12:07 Sorare compared to Football Index.
13:18 How much money does Sorare make?
14:05 How to price players on Sorare
15:07 Three risks new Sorare users need to understand
17:33 What creates value in Sorare collectable cards?
21:25 What do your users own?
22:30 Do you have to pay to maintain Sorare NFTs?
23:35 Are Sorare profits taxable?
28:00 The Sorare future roadmap pitched
29:25 Social media influencers and Sorare


Football Index Original:

Is Sorare Gambling Article:

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This review shares information about Sorare, the collectable fantasy football trading game by Caan Berry.


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