Minimum Bet Law With SBC’s Editor Peter Ling | EPISODE 7 Betting Insiders

Listen as I discuss Minimum Bet Law, SCV and several other hot topics with the Smart Betting Club’s chief editor, Peter Ling. It’s a fair and balanced debate about important changes that are taking place to betting law in the sports betting and trading industry right now. Check it out!

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Minimum bet law is current active in Australian betting markets. It determines the amount a bookmaker must accept on any wager before refusing custom. This limit was put in place to ensure that betting laws are fair and open. What do you think? Should it be enforced in the UK and other countries too?

Big thanks to Peter Ling of Smart Betting Club to appear for this interview call.

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This is an interview with Smart Betting Clubs editor that discusses minimum bet law, SCV and several other hot topics right now.


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