Is CashFX a Bitcoin Fuelled Pozi Scheme?

CashFX is promoted as a forex trading and training platform with the ability to return 15% a week consistently. They claim to produce these returns from automated trading although their top trader is listed as a taxi driver. Recently CashFX has not paid investors on time and is blaming Bitcoin. References are shared below, thank you for watching this CashFX review.


Independent CFX Group –
Ru’s CashFX video –
C.O.M CashFX video –

0:51 What is CashFX
1:21 Taxi driver or super trader
1:45 How does CashFX work
3:04 The behaviour cycle
4:22 CashFX group discussion
4:59 Characteristics of a Ponzi scheme
5:30 What happens next
7:16 CashFX links to Bitcoin
8:16 Car crash signs

This video is for informational purposes and all information contained is in the public domain and has been stored for reference. All opinions expressed are my own based upon this information.

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This review is about CashFX group a Forex trading and training website.


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