How this new Bet Angel feature is going to transform your betting inplay

If you betting in-play or doing any sort of Betfair trading in-play on Horse racing, we just launched a new feature for Bet Angel that will completely change the way you bet or trade these markets.

There are two key problems with in-play betting or trading on horse racing. The first is that camera angles can be deceptive and lead you into a trade when you can’t clearly see the action of the horses.

The second is the infamous in-play delay. Because of the delay in transmitting TV pictures, there has been a turf war for the faster pictures available.

This has resulted in people even using Drones to get faster pictures than most people can see at racecourses.

This new feature in Bet Angel, now gives you the ability to benefit from racecourse telemetry. Each horse has a special device installed in the saddlecloth which can now transmit horse specific data, straight into Bet Angel.

Introduction to the new feature: –

Bet Angel now with live in-running data

How to get live Horse Racing data into Bet Angel: –

How to use live racecourse data in Bet Angel

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