Horse racing tips | Betting on favourites

I’ve always been fascinated why favourites get so much attention in horse racing. Whenever people are betting or look at some sort of a betting strategy it nearly always takes about the favourite in a horse race.

However, things are not as straight forward as you would expect with a favourite in horse racing.

A normal betting market is distorted by the interest in the favourite and you can get false favourites.

So in this video, I examine what chance a favourite has or winning a race, how you can calculate this and what characteristics produce a true or false favourite.

If you are a Betfair trading, have a careful think about this information. Understanding the way a market is priced and why, will give you a much deeper understanding of the way it trades or may trade.

Betting activity tends to drive the underlying market, so anticipating that betting activity will help you become a better Betfair trader as well!


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