Gambling Regulation Failures: Shocking Truths Discussed With Reformed Addict From Gamvisory

This call tackles the hard-hitting problems with gambling regulation in the UK from both ends of the spectrum. Big thanks to Alex for coming on and being so open about his experiences and involvement with Gamvisory.


00:20 Alex’s story about his gambling experiences
03:08 Alex’s rock-bottom turning point
04:48 Caan’s story about how he found sports trading
06:14 When does gambling become a problem?
10:15 Problems with affordability for successful users
11:58 Are affordability checks the answer?
13:43 How betting companies use regulation to their advantage
16:38 Is the gambling commission doing its job effectively?
21:20 Why are charities funded by the victims?
24:08 What is the solution to solving the problem?
28:25 Should betting firms be allowed so much data?

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This video is a call between Alex Macey of Gamvisory and Caan Berry discussing the UK Gambling Commission, regulation and how it can be improved.


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