From $3 Hour to $1 Billion Betting on Horse Racing | How Bill Benter Cracked Gambling…

This is the mind-blowing story of Bill Benter, an American professional gambler who beat the house. He went from playing cards to betting hundreds of millions on horse racing within years. It’s an amazing story that all aspiring gamblers just have to see.

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0:00 Bill Benters professional gambling story
1:15 When Benter started card counting
2:11 How Bill Benter and Alan Woods met
2:51 What the Griffin Book means for gamblers
3:25 Worth $10 billion a year
4:04 Bill Benters interest in horse racing
4:39 Hitting hong kong horse racing scene
4:55 Losing $120,000
5:31 The epic comeback
5:59 Making $600,000 profit
6:41 Bill Benters biggest breakthrough
7:30 Winning $50,000,000 on horse racing
8:55 Taxation problems from the government
9:21 Bill Benters biggest ever bet
10:12 Secret betting and why
10:28 Becoming a visiting professor
10:56 Bill Benters philanthropy

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This video is about Bill Benter a professional gambler who beat the house on horse racing for years.


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