Betfair trading | The two keys things you need to be profitable

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I’m often asked what is the best Betfair trading strategy, which one should I use or which Betfair trading strategy actually works?

The simple fact is that your role as a trader is to understand not only what a strategy does, but also where it should work.

All strategies work, but only when applied to the correct market.

So you have two key things that you need to know. What is the strategy and what market should I apply it to?

If you have a strategy then it probably works, but only if you apply it to a market where is should be applied.

f you put it on all betting exchange markets in front of you, then you will get some profits where the strategy is particularly suitable. But you will get losses where it should be applied.

So to make the strategy profitable you would simply exclude markets where it is unlikely to work.

So your role as a Betfair trader is to match the strategy to the market. Obviously, you need to practice the strategy and get better at execution, but you could do all that fail to apply it to the correct market and fail anyhow.

For every market, there is a strategy and every strategy a market.

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