Betfair trading | Lay to back (L2B) strategy | Fully automated bot

Here is a full list of all the automation templates you can download for in-play horse racing on Bet Angel –

In this video, I discussed the very popular lay to back Betfair trading strategy, but with a twist.

We add an extra couple of components to this strategy, that you may be familiar with. But we also completely automation it.

I discuss the strategy and show you how you can look for selections and then apply them using the specialist tools in Bet Angel.

Bet Angel can automatically trade for you, but in this video, I look specifically at how you would set up a fully automated bot but also use the ‘nominated’ selection feature to allow you to do your own research and make specific market selections on Guardian.

This gives you the benefit of completely automating your activity so you don’t need to be sat in front of your desk. But also giving you full control on which selections you want to pick for the automation to act on.

We also add a little component in here to avoid the period when the horse race starts and your selection may get a good or back break.


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