Betfair’s £250,000 Super-Tax on Winning Bets

90% of Betfair customers don’t even know about the £250,000 super-tax on winning bets. This video explains what this premium charge is all about and how it came about. How much will you owe?
See how the worlds largest gambler avoids the tax:


0:21 When will you pay it and how much will you owe
0:32 Brief introduction to how and why Betfair started
1:05 Betfair’s original unique offering
1:57 When Betfair first introduced the additional tax on winning
2:18 Where you can see your extra charges
2:41 Why was the extra tax introduced?
3:16 How many people are affected by the charge
3:40 When Betfair contradicted their own core values
4:04 Basic level of Premium Charge explained
4:15 Advanced level of Premium Charge explained
4:35 Qualifying criteria for Premium Charge tax
5:14 Exceptions to the extra charges

There is a written article about Premium Charge here:

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This is a video about Betfair’s Premium Charge, an extra betting tax on winners.


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