Bet Angel | How to find excellent trading opportunities completely automatically

There are lots of ways to find a profitable Betfair trade, but one of the strongest signals you can get in a market is when a jockey or a trainer wins a couple of races in a row or you detect a draw bias unfolding.

This will light a fire under the market for the next race, which can be a great trading opportunity.

Betfair trading can be very intensive though. So it’s perfectly possible, especially if you trade pre-off, that you will miss the actual result of the race or some of the detail of what has happened.

But that’s not a problem with Bet Angel as you can run multiple pieces of automation to now only trade for you, but you can also get it to gather information for you so you can quickly review or alert yourself to key things that are happening in the market, or even in prior markets.

That’s what we discuss and show in this video.

£600 trade at Royal Ascot –

Check out this video, which explains the psychology behind this trade: –

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